Baggy Pant

100% linen
French seams
1 size fits all
Wrapped around the hips and knotted with 2 straps
4 small straps inside to adjust before wrap around
2 large Pockets in the back
Piece of mending, patch on the bottom (Back)
Already Washed, simple to care for
(Machine wash + dryer or Natural Dry)
Doesn’t shrink anymore
Perfect for home, gardening, artist.
We created our “BEN” just after our “JEANNE”
“JEANNE” is a plein apron/skirt that we designed as our grandmothers enjoyed to wear plein aprons at home. So we decided to create a crazy mix between an antique Provence Skirt + Thaï pant and Sarouel! Mix is always amazing …
Our “BEN” is a kind of very comfy uniform, for boys and girls.
You can just wrap around you as an apron, or a paréo
We enjoy always to wear Linen on different ways with just one piece

As soon as you will try our “BEN” you will adopt it !