Small authentic artisanal batch
Cut and seam by the two of us ONLY in our studio
(Original and unique Design by and for Atelier du Presbytere)

French seams
1 size fits all
Fold and wrap around the hips from front and tied with the 2 linen straps
1 linen strap is longer to go around, then tied them on 1 side
Wrap around the waist if you would like shorter
4 thin linen cords inside to adjust
2 large Pockets in the back
Already Washed, simple to care for
(Machine wash + dryer or Natural Dry)
Doesn’t shrink anymore
Layered over with other pieces is awesome !
Perfect for home, gardening, artist
Our JANE B. is an inspiration of our BEN wrap pants and an apron skirt style

At the end of all the pictures, we put some pics to show how we like to wrap the skirt. Put the skirt on with the tag in the back, attach the 2 sides with the thin linen cords (or attach just one side) Attach loose if you want a longer skirt.  Turn the skirt from the left to the right then you have the thin linen cord nearly on the front. Fold the skirt, the right side going on the left and the left side going to the right, wrap around the hips, the long linen strap from will go all around your body and then attach the 2 linen straps together. The pleat will be on one side.

You can wrap different ways too ! Just play with it
It is beautiful too if you fold in the back with a simple bow
Fun skirt !

MILK (Sold out)
CARBON (Sold out)
ROSY GREY (Sold out)
OATMEAL (Sold out)