❂ Mireille



Small authentic artisanal batch
Cut and sewn in our studio by the two of us ONLY
(Original and unique design by and for Atelier du Presbytere)

1 size fits all, loose and reversible
From some easy medical cap patterns and some different traditional vintage bonnets from Provence we created a new bonnet that we called Mireille
Same style than our Gipsy Headband, but this new design covers the whole head
Flip the edges or not, it can be a smaller cap
2 long linen cords to tie in the back or on top of the head
Pure linen is so fresh, you will forget so easily that you have a hat on top of your head !
Isn’t it a lovely linen bonnet to go to the beach and protect you against the sun
Already Washed, simple to care for
(Machine wash + Natural dry because of Elastic)
Doesn’t shrink anymore
Perfect for home, gardening, artist, cooking

MOLLEGES denim stripes + Pebble stone
PEBBLE STONE + Molleges denim stripes
LILAC + Carbon
CARBON  + Lilac
MISTY GREY + Molleges denim stripes
MOLLEGES denim stripes + Misty Grey