Our Story

Françoise and Thierry

Françoise and Thierry, partners in life and work, opened their first workshop in 1996 in VALLABREGUES, Presbytère street, in an old stoned house, situated in the center of the little village of PROVENCE.

The studio is an extension to their passion as antique lovers.

Thierry goes from village to village with his truck, finds and returns with treasures and materials which were the prized possessions of grandmothers. Aside from old fabrics, a small space at the back of the truck is always reserved for favourite furniture and charming objects. A second life is then given to the restored fabrics, all in the hands of Françoise’s imagination, creativity and artisanal touch. The small ever-changing collection of antiques and the marvellous assortment of antique linens and objects, made from antique materials, are available in many shops in France, Relais & Châteaux and Ducasse, and all over the world, USA, CANADA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA…

In 2006, the adventure continues for the couple who wants to keep the artisanal quality of their company; they moved from the South of France to MONTRÉAL, QC and decided to open a small studio/boutique in the antique area on Notre Dame Street West.
In January 2011 Atelier du Presbytère moved in a more spacious loft of MONTRÉAL, to the former Simmons mattress factory, on the banks of the Lachine Canal, St Ambroise street, where the creation and the production found again its place.

In July 2016, just 20 years after its creation, Atelier du Presbytere left the city to the countryside. PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY in ONTARIO selected, they moved next to the church, in the quiet village of MILFORD.
The adventure continues in ONTARIO for ATELIER DU PRESBYTERE !


We individually handcraft all our creations in our Studio – Workshop, since 1996.
ALL our designs are ours, and no copy is possible by anyone for sale. We appreciate people respect ARTISANS Work and Signature. We run the entire production of ALL our items. 2 people behind the scene, our 4 hands only design,create and make everything. For us, that is our definition of an authentic ARTISAN. When you decide to buy one of our creations, you know for real who makes them. Thierry runs all the treatments of the linens and all the cut. Françoise runs all the sewing. No helpers in the Studio and on the Shows. When you will decide to visit us on a market or on a craft show, you will always meet us, we appreciate so much to see you and sell directly to you. We make the maximum of items that we can, and you will purchase always something made by us in a very tiny production. This is the choice that we made when we moved to CANADA. Stay small, just the two of us, and this is a philosophy that we love. Making only for you, not anymore for shops.
Cushions, Classic Aprons, Wrap around Aprons, Pinafores, Wrap around Pants, Artist Tunics, Robes, Door stoppers, Lavender Sachets, Scarves, Infinity Scarves, Headbands, Bandanas, Tops, Jumpers, Keychains, Placemats, Runners, Napkins, Table clothes, Curtains, Blind Curtains, Notebooks, Bibs, Bags for Bread, Baguette, Grocery, Laundry, Plastic, Toiletry, Money, Kleenex, Toilet Papers, Clutch Bags …
All our products are made with a mix of natural antique fabrics (linen, hemp) that we carefully choose and bring back from France, and some contemporary Linens that we pre washed and give a unique patina, with our handmade vintage treatment.
We give all our textiles a second life: vintage tablecloth, napkin, placemat, tea towel, sheet, pillow case, duvet cover, blouse, handkerchief, lace or braid, all patiently wait their turn to be transformed to custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

Charming Objects, Furniture

Our collection of charming antique objects and furniture has already made its history as antiques. We choose our favourites in France, sometimes we customize them, but always the old patina is there. Order your own model that we can handcraft with antiques pieces or simply with an antique style.

“L’Atelier du Presbytère is far from being a museum. Nor are the owners, Thierry and Françoise Méchin Pellet, antique dealers. They are more artisans that give new life to fabrics and objects with from the past.”

– Martina Djogo, Voir Nov 2007