Order: How To?

Because of the number of items we offer, our system can’t calculate all the parameters to include the shipping. So we suggest you to do the following:

Add to Cart

Make your purchases by clicking “add to cart”. All of your selected items will result in the purchase order, stating the total amount before shipping.


Carefully fill in your identification, and then click to send your order

What happens after I order ?

Upon receipt of your order, we will calculate by return email the exact amount of postage and packing, which will finalize the sale. You then have 2 days to make your payment. Should you not respond within the 2 days, we will consider your order void.

How to pay?

Your purchases are payable by the phone with us.
You are welcome to pay at our workshop, by appointment.

Order Validation

The conclusion of an order is confirmed only after the receipt of payment and the inclusion of the order by email. All orders require prior agreement of sale conditions.
Due to the nature of our one of a kind pieces, we are unable to reserve an item before an order has been placed.

How much is shipping?

Shipments are made mostly by Canada Post for non-bulky items.
Orders which exceed a value of $ 250 are shipped in secure delivery, including value for insurance. Larger shipments will be made by our carrier FedEx, or the shipper of your choice.
Pick-up at our workshop eliminates the delivery charges.
Any supplement can be done, insurance, express delivery … It becomes contractual, and we define all terms before ordering.

When will I receive my purchases?

Your order is prepared for shipment as soon as we receive your payment, our products are all unique items, ready to ship. We usually send packages from Monday to Friday.

For more information, see sales condition